Pop-Up Projects

Craft Wood aims to keep on learning and developing. We aim to use a framework of time-limited and seasonal/reflective projects.

This aim is designed to keep outcomes focused, and to provide a mechanism for easy adaption to a changing wider context.

Pop ups provide a simple framework that can help keep focus fresh. They open provision up to the opportunity to learn from what has worked – and also from hasn’t – and work as a device to take on-board new thinking and new approaches.

Craft Wood is very much about a work in progress. It is about the making of opportunities for collaborating and creative working.

Pop up projects are above all else – about real-world outcomes – whether it be making a compost toilet or developing a better habitat for butterflies – they are about something tangible and quantifiable.

These grounded objectives can help people move forwards by providing an opportunity to get involved in achieving a goal.

Woodland maintenance – the tasks that always need doing – the bedrock activities – there are some tasks that are perennial – the cutting up of firewood, the maintenance of paths and working areas – these activities underpin and support the pop up projects – that in turn help renew the core maintenance.

The aim is keep things fresh – and to promote the opportunity for new collaborations; for fresh goals.

Craft wood is not about doing everything ourselves – if there is an opportunity to collaborate/ to co-produce – to explore an new initiative – we are always interested in prospective partnership.

Craft Wood aims to be collaborative en-devour.

first shelter goes up
Construction begins

Sherpa arrives
Hand Power
The hazel whips
Planting the new brooms
The next stage
a first tenant arrives
Improving accessibility
Fixing up the main base
A first survey
Making the Water Foot Pump