The Woods

Craft Wood is based at the heart of a 12 hectare woodland. Here Craft Wood has a simple base and other site facilities.

The woodland is a mixed conifer/ deciduous planting with a degree of natural regeneration – particularly ash, holly, sycamore and beech. The main planting consists of lodge pole pines, larch and scattered field maple. It contains several flat areas; overall the woods are gently sloping. There are seasonal wet areas and a brook that runs along a top/side boundary edge.

The woods contain a valuable open grass habitat – that in summer is a haven for butterflies, day time moths and dragon flies. There are pair of mating buzzards, long-tailed tits, a friendly robin, tree creepers, sparrowhawks – as well as rabbits, frogs, mice, shrews. Bats,foxes, wild orchids and deer have also been spotted.

The woodland ( we’ve started calling it Robins Wood) is planted on reclaimed land and is working case case study in re-wilding – nature’s ability to regenerate. Along the edges of the woods – the very first bluebells are starting to take hold. In the last few days an owl has been heard.

The aim is to manage the woodland in terms of using the timber and the resources of woods creatively and to further enhance the bio-diversity and the sustainability of the site – as a budding woodland sheltered enterprise – and as a hub to get people active and engaged in looking after/ caring about the environment.