Craft Work Club

Craft Work Club carries out light woodland management (clearing/lopping/sawing), habitat creation. – as well as creative activities like path-making, outdoor cooking, and enterprise – from bird boxes, to benches to bigger constructions. Sessions are person centered and inclusive. Our aim is to become a sheltered woodland enterprise for people with support needs.


We are an accredited provider for Derbyshire County Councils Day Service Framework. The Framework is a list of providers who offer approved Day Services.

Session Details

Sessions run from 10 am to 3 pm. The cost is £45 per day, which can be paid privately or via a personal health or social care budget. Sessions draw on the natural resources available and are designed around individual interests and support needs.

We offer a free taster so you can see if the project is going to work for you. You can refer yourself (if you are self funding) or be referred via your Health and Social Care Team.